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Mathematical Sciences  RB 465 Ball State University

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Research interests


Sampling Theory

Asymptotic Analysis

Time-Frequency Analysis and Applications

Calculus  1,2,3

Differential Equations

Linear Algebra


Papers and Preprints

·         Multidimensional Signal Recovery in Discrete Evolution Systems via Spatiotemporal Trade Off

·         Local Sparsity and Recovery of Fusion Frames Structured Signals. preprint


·         Directionally sensitive weight functions

·         Dynamical sampling of two-dimensional temporally-varying signals.  

·         The Problem of Additional Samples for Spatiotemporal Sampling in  l2

·         Dynamical Sampling in Hybrid Shift-invariant Spaces.

·         Dynamical Sampling in Shift-Invariant Spaces.

·         Some Abelian and Tauberean results for the Short-Time Fourier Transform.

·         Reproducing Kernels and Variable Bandwidth. 

·         Multi-Wilson Systems.

·         Asymptotic Behavior of Distributions and the Short-Time Fourier Transform.

·         Functions of Variable Bandwidth via Time-Frequency Analysis Tools.

·         On the linear combination of the Representations of Starlikeness and Convexity.

·        Analytic wavelets and multiresolution analysis: a note on certain orthogonality conditions.


Professional service

2015 Co-organizer of the special session on Dynamical, Nonlinear and Mobile Sampling at the 11th International Conference on Sampling Theory and Applications Sampta15, Washington, DC

2014 Local organizer of the 5th International Conference on Computational Harmonic Analysis, Nashville, TN

2013 Organizer of the Mini-symposium Inverse Problems, Sampling, and Frames at the 14th International Conference in Approximation Theory, San Antonio, TX

2012 Organizer of the international workshop Asymptotic and Time-Frequency Analysis with Symplectic Geometry, with guest lecturers from University of Vienna, in Skopje, Macedonia

2011 Coordinator within the bilateral research project (Austria/Macedonia) Asymptotic Analysis in Co-orbit Spaces

2011-2012 Coordinator of the Statistical Analysis in the regional one-year project Equal Access through Service Learning for People with Disabilities, sponsored by the US Embassy in Macedonia

2010-2012 National Coordinator for the European Women in Mathematics

2010 Organizational Committee Member of the regional JFDP Alumni Conference Enhancing Accessibility of the Higher Education, in Ohrid, Macedonia

2006 Executive of the project Re-design of the mathematics and computer science courses at UKIM-Skopje, with the Mathematics Department at the Technical University of Denmark

2013-present Reviewer for IEEE Signal Processing Letters

2012-present Reviewer for Signal, Image and Video Processing, Springer


Recent volunteering experiences

2013 Volunteer in the Next Steps program at Vanderbilt University

2010-2012 Internations Ambassador for Macedonia (Internations is an expatriate community for expats worldwide)

2010 Organizer of a Taichi Workshop, Yang Style, in Skopje, Macedonia, with a guest instructor Klaus Pitter from Austria

2009 Volunteer in the action ‘Wien raumt auf Alte Donau’ – Project Aware, Divers conserving Underwater Environments


Selected talks and presentations

·        Dynamical Sampling Schemes in Evolutionary Systems. Invited Colloquium talk at San Francisco State University, 2013

·        Dynamical Sampling in Shift-invariant Spaces. 14th Int. Conference in Approximation Theory San Antonio, TX, 2013

·        A New Sampling Scheme for Shift-Invariant Spaces. Colloquium at NIU Department of Mathematical Sciences, De Kalb, 2013

·        Multi-Wilson Systems. Norbert Wiener Center Seminar, UMD, 2013

·        Multi-Wilson Systems for Adaptive Time-Frequency Lattices. February Fourier Talks 2013

·        Adaptive Sampling of Variable Bandwidth Functions. 6th European Congress of Mathematics, Krakow, Poland, 2012

·        Asymptotic and Quasi-Asymptotic Distributional Behavior via the Short-Time Fourier transform. 15th General Meeting of EWM, UAB, Barcelona, Spain, 2011

·        Reproducing Kernels for Variable Bandwidth Spaces. Mulac’11, Acoustics Research Institute, Austrian Academy of sciences, Vienna, Austria, 2011

·        Asymptotics of the Short-Time Fourier Transform. From Abstract to Computational Harmonic Analysis, Strobl, Austria, 2011

·        Variable Bandwidth on the Time-Frequency Plane. 14th meeting of the EWM, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2009

·        Variable Bandwidth: a Time-Frequency Approach. 5th European congress of mathematics, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2008

·        Variable Bandwidth. ICMS08, Edinburgh, UK, 2008